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Pharmacy moves to center of heathcare ecosystem


This year’s NACDS Total Store Expo Vision 2027, a pavilion that delivers insights into the future of retailing and trade-partner collaboration through a unique blend of technology and interactivity, will once again draw attention to the future possibilities in retail pharmacy.

“The idea is to show companies ideas they could or should be thinking about as they move forward,” Steve Perlowski, VP industry affairs and member relations at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, told Drug Store News. The forward-looking pavilion not only gives people in the industry an opportunity to see where technology is today, but also a glimpse of what could be ahead in the decade to come.

“There is literally something for everyone that could help them think a little bit differently about how they do business coming out of Total Store Expo,” Perlowski said.

Standouts from this year’s NACDS TSE Vision 2027 program include:

  • Digital Foodie, a fully customizable SaaS platform for online groceries that provides a fully personalized grocery shopping service used by major retailers and brands.

  • eSight, a manufacturer of electronic glasses that actually restore vision to people with visual impairments.

  • Eventable, a digital marketing engine that enables brands and retailers to engage with their customers via the digital calendars.

  • Everfave, an app that enables shoppers to use their mobile phones to refer their favorite products and brands carried by the stores.

  • Fung Global Retail & Technology, an innovation incubator.

  • GSK Consumer Healthcare, which is working to build a culture of empathy with the world’s first migraine simulator, “The Migraine Experience.”

  • Inturn, the first B2B online platform built to enable brands and retailers to confidentially buy and sell excess inventory on a global scale.

  • Kantar Retail, the retail strategist firm will deliver a forward-looking view of virtual reality’s power to serve both retail environments and testing capabilities, and a view of the ways in which best-in-class companies will link analytics into compelling economic and shopper-centered solutions.

  • Nielsen, a syndicated data provider that will demonstrate how the Nielsen Marketing Cloud helps companies spend less time connecting the dots.

  • retSKU, a platform that helps audit retail stores for pricing checks, shelf space, promotions, end caps, etc.

  • The Shark Group, the entrepreneurial reality TV show brings TV personality Daymond John to highlight opportunities for companies to grow.

  • Shopic, a self-checkout mobile app that enables an easy, quick and convenient purchase of goods from anywhere in the store.

  • Trendalytics, a product intelligence platform that tracks what consumers want today and tomorrow by aggregating and analyzing patterns across social media, online searches and SKU data.

  • WIGO ANALYTICS, which translates video surveillance into business analytics.

In a special report, DSN examines what retail pharmacy might look like over the next 10 years. One thing seems clear: Community pharmacy will emerge as the center of the healthcare ecosystem. To view the full Retail Health 2027 report, click here.

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