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Q&A: Anda’s Chip Phillips talks company’s 25-year growth


October marks Anda’s 25th anniversary of providing pharmaceutical distribution throughout the nation. Drug Store News spoke with Anda president Chip Phillips about how the company and industry has changed over a quarter of a century.

DSN: What do you think has been the key contributing factor to Anda’s success?

Chip Phillips: Our service orientation. We focus on the critical role of connecting our customers and suppliers. We never lose sight of patient needs in association with the availability of medication.


DSN: What significant changes, if any, did Anda make to the business over the past 25 years?

Phillips: Anda started in 1992 as a generic distributor specializing in new product launches servicing community pharmacies. Over the years, we developed capabilities to service large corporate chain customers. In doing so, we have become a permanent part of the pharmaceutical supply chain infrastructure.


DSN: What makes Anda different than the other wholesalers and distributors?

Phillips: Our flexibility and willingness to provide customized programs that are meaningful to our customers and manufacturer partners. Our “Customer Dedicated Inventory” program is a great example of this. 


DSN: Can you explain what this program is?  

Phillips: Basically with our “Customer Dedicated Inventory” program Anda serves as an extension of our customer’s distribution centers. We systematically guarantee inventory, so that your product is for your use only.  


DSN: How has Anda’s role as a distributor evolved as a result of the challenges that exist throughout the industry today, including the press-ures of pricing, de-clining margins and increased competition? 

Phillips: In some ways, Anda hasn’t changed at all. Anda’s reputation for providing reliable and compliant pharmaceutical distribution services at market competitive pricing is who we are and what makes us proud. Anda always has wanted our customers to know that they can count on us. We get them what they need, when they need it. That hasn’t changed. As a secondary supplier, that is the core of what is most important in the service we provide. In other ways, Anda has evolved into a sophisticated organization like many of our large competitors through the investment in technology, advanced analytical capabilities and people. 


DSN: What changes do you see for the industry in the near future?

Phillips: Maintenance of the integrity of the supply chain is of critical importance. Accordingly, the implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act is a high priority. We also anticipate a move toward more drug pricing transparency.


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