Respario’s offerings look to build an interactive in-store experience

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Respario’s offerings look to build an interactive in-store experience

Helping independent retailers level the playing field is a big part of Respario’s core strategy. The Dallas-based digital media and technology company focuses on telling its client stories through digital signage, interactive devices, mobile solutions and static media. Company president and CEO Ian Stone sat down with Drug Store News to talk about how his company can help solve its clients’ challenges.

Drug Store News: What makes Respario unique, and how do you offer solutions?
Ian Stone: We have been crafting our clients’ stories and activating integrated technologies since 2005, and our team has all of the components required for these solutions under one roof, including technology resources, application development, video production and deployment.

It’s our solutions and how we work to solve our clients’ challenges through a well-defined, strategic approach, a deep dive discovery process, creation and production of solutions, and a seamless delivery that are unique. At our core, we offer one of the industry’s only end-to-end technology and media solutions, and we have a strong focus on health care and retail pharmacies.

DSN: You have a strong base with independent pharmacies. How do you play in the pharmacy of the future, and how do you add value?
IS: Independent pharmacies have traditionally been a strong category for Respario, and we look for ways to help independents compete in the marketplace with our technology and media. While we have several legacy solutions for independent pharmacies, our strategy team is continually looking at innovative ways to help tell an expanded story in the pharmacy. Our view of the pharmacy of the future includes dynamic interactive product coaches, mobile integration, digital shelf talkers, and other technologies that we may not even know about yet. We continually ask pharmacy owners what their challenges are, and work to help solve them.

DSN: Tell us about how the Pharmacy Health Network works.
IS: Pharmacy Health Network is a digital signage platform that is designed for independent pharmacies and regional chains, where we install consumer flat screen monitors and a digital media player in the pharmacy, and provide health-and-wellness media and sponsored advertising from national prescription and OTC brands. In addition, we give the pharmacy or chain tools to create their own messaging and media about specific pharmacy programs, such as clinics, medication synchronization, pharmacy specials and community events. We also provide a collateral rack to each pharmacy and supplement the on-screen experience with print materials. Pharmacy Health Network is currently in over 1,000 pharmacies nationwide, and the network is in growth mode with both independents and regional chains that see the benefit of the solution and how it can help their customers.

DSN: How do retailers benefit from the services you offer?
IS: There are many benefits of Pharmacy Health Network, and since 2009 the network has been providing key advantages to retail pharmacies. Our pharmacy partners tell us that perceived wait time goes down, that they sell more product, but most importantly, Pharmacy Health Network helps to drive meaningful conversations between the customer and the pharmacy staff. Pharmacies also benefit from our turnkey solutions, our technology and media expertise, and our experience in the retail pharmacy space. For each Pharmacy Health Network customer, we provide a full package of technology and services, white glove site survey and installation, and custom media design for the pharmacy or chain. And because we work with sponsors and advertisers, Pharmacy Health Network is offered at no cost to the pharmacy.

DSN: Working with retailers, where can you take this in the future?
IS: While our road map has several stops on it in regard to new innovations, our team is continually looking at how technology will be focused on customer engagement and the in-store experience to drive the retail experience. We’re always reviewing and fine-tuning how technology in retail works, how customers experience it, and how to balance the technology with human interaction in the pharmacy space.