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Roche says diabetes drug more effective than competitor's


PARIS A drug made by Roche and Ipsen provides better glycemic control in diabetes patients than a competing drug made by Merck & Co., according to late-stage clinical trial results that Roche released and Ipsen announced Wednesday.

Roche released results of two of the eight phase 3 clinical trials comparing taspoglutide with Merck’s Januvia (sitagliptin) and placebo in more than 1,000 patients over a 24-week period. Patients in one study, who had not received treatment before, received a weekly injection of taspoglutide or placebo; those in the other study received taspoglutide, Januvia or placebo. In both trials, taspoglutide showed better reduction in HbA1c levels than placebo or Januvia, Ipsen said.

Roche licensed taspoglutide from Ipsen in 2006.

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