The World Speaks: Automating a new care delivery model

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The World Speaks: Automating a new care delivery model

By Scott Seidelmann - 05/03/2019
This will be a year of major shifts in pharmacy, as new players enter the field and adoption of pharmacy innovation continues to increase. The industry is spending $450 billion on medication management each year and drug costs are increasing 10 times faster than health system revenue. Meanwhile, pharmacy staffs often are stuck performing repetitive administrative tasks that keep them away from patient care. In fact, pharmacists spend 76% of their time on nonclinical activities, according to an American Society of Health-System Pharmacists national survey.

These statistics show that the current medication management model is clearly broken, driven by outdated human workflows and manual processes that are not only prone to medication errors, but create opportunities for diversion and driving up costs.

We believe health care is at a crossroads and radical change in the medication management model is imperative. As an industry, we need to provide pharmacy leadership the tools, data and expertise to drive operational change.

Autonomous pharmacy is a vision to develop a zero-error, fully automated medication management infrastructure. Autonomous pharmacy leverages automated solutions that are designed to digitize and streamline workflows; predictive intelligence that provides actionable insights to better understand medication usage and improve pharmacy supply chain management; and expert services that are an extension of pharmacy operations to support improved efficiency, regulatory compliance and patient outcomes.

We envision a care delivery model where the pharmacist is no longer sorting, picking, checking, reconciling and transporting medications; formulary updates are made with the click of a button; and predictive intelligence offers inventory visibility to better plan for drug shortages and manage cost. The autonomous pharmacy will enable a 100% verified process, providing total confidence that every patient is getting the right dose, at the right time, at the right place.

Bottom line, we want to enable the pharmacist to practice at the top of his or her license to transform the pharmacy care delivery model.

Scott Seidelmann, executive vice president and chief commercialization officer at Omnicell.