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PharmaSmart kiosks added to U.S. Validated Device Listing

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PharmaSmart’s health screening kiosks have earned a notable stamp of approval. All of the Rochester, N.Y.-based company’s kiosks are now included on the US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing, or VDL. 

Devices are added to the VDL after an independent committee of expert physicians determines device eligibility by reviewing clinical performance data. 

"PharmaSmart has long advocated for improved blood pressure measurement, and it's fantastic to see leading health organizations get behind the VDL to encourage the exclusive use of accurate devices."  

The company noted that as self-measured blood pressure grows in its use in clinical systems, it is important that consumers use blood pressure measurement devices that have been validated for clinical accuracy. 

PharmaSmart’s kiosks offer measurement of blood pressure, weight and BMI, as well as a glucose meter and loyalty app integration. It also offers media and healthcare sponsorship programs. The company’s data integration works with leading pharmacy software and electronic medical records systems in order to drive pharmacy interventions, the company said, adding that its programs target many triple-weighted Medicare Star Ratings, including medication adherence for hypertension and controlling blood pressure. 

"PharmaSmart is the first and only blood pressure kiosk recognized on the VDL,” Sarkis said. “In connected healthcare, this differentiates PharmaSmart data and raises the profile of pharmacies working with PharmaSmart. COVID has transformed the customer's expectations for pharmacy care. For retailers building their healthcare brand and transforming their revenue model, health kiosks can no longer be an afterthought — they need to become a trusted clinical destination."

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