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Pivot for Success: Building trust with omnichannel

Ellie Meyer, senior account director at Marketing Werks, discusses how brands can build trust with consumers.

New year, new you, new … normal? Our values, needs and everyday lives have drastically changed over the past 12 months. 

For one, we’ve seen a significant uptick in online shopping. But in addition to behavioral shifts, there have also been deep-seated values and lifestyle shifts. One shift important to consumer marketing has been an increase in general skepticism. How can brands turn that barrier into an opportunity for growth? 

By building brand trust. Focusing on building trust will be a key driver of growth, as shoppers prefer brands they trust 40% more than brands they don’t.

As we bridge the gap between the evolved shopper journey and increased skepticism, brands and retailers should consider focusing on trust building through omnichannel solutions that focus on three key factors: 

1. Caring
The most prominent trust-building tactic is caring. By showcasing that a brand or retailer cares about consumers and their values, they relate on a deeper level, leading to higher consideration. There are many omnichannel solutions to manifest caring:

  • In store: Utilize floor stands and shippers strategically placed out of category in high foot traffic areas to highlight brand-wide community service and charity efforts instead of key product messaging; 
  • Online: Activate a “Buy One, Give One” promotional strategy to alleviate delivery fees for vulnerable shoppers. For every delivery fee a shopper incurs, another in-need customer will get their goods delivered for free; and 
  • Experiential: Host a shopper “surprise and delight” event in a retailer parking lot, showing your appreciation by distributing free shopper perks like warm beverages and snacks. 

2. Authenticity 
Authenticity is a mainstay marketing buzzword, but for good reason: PBJ Marketing’s study, “Transparency Matters: How to Be Truly Authentic in Your Digital Marketing,” found that 90% of all millennials said brand authenticity is a key factor when it comes to supporting brands. And brands can practice through open and honest communication, as well as being true to their mission. Omnichannel solutions can reinforce authenticity through: 

  • In store: With the increase in overall assortment at shelf, clutter and shopper confusion is high. With simple, honest “what’s in it for the shopper?” aisle blades or out-of-category displays, you will catch eyes and make the decision to purchase easy for shoppers;
  • Online: There’s nothing more authentic than your consumers talking about your product in their own words. Develop a peer-to-peer social strategy by driving user-generated content through digital sweepstakes, and tag retailers to drive shoppers to a branded sweepstakes page, increase awareness and engagement; and
  • Experiential: Deploy street teams to local communities in order to reinforce your brand mission in a tangible way. Act, don’t tell. 

3. Dependable
Per Gartner, brands that showcase dependability build 3.66 times more trust than those that don’t. How can brands prove their dependability using an omnichannel approach?

  • In store: Out of stocks continue to be an issue for brands, retailers and shoppers. Face the facts straight on by acknowledging OOSs with on-shelf merchandising that fills empty shelf space with equity.; 
  • Online: Deploy social listening then develop clear and consistent digital messaging that tackles the pain points and how you’re planning against them in a nimble way; and 
  • Experiential: Send cleverly themed “kits” to influencers and consumers to inspire social media unboxing and positive PR. Surprise shoppers when they didn’t even know they needed you.

While this new year certainly finds us also ringing in a new normal, the opportunity to achieve growth is more than possible by deploying caring, authentic and dependable omnichannel solutions. Trust us. 

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Ellie Meyer is senior account director at Marketing Werks, a Crossmark agency.

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