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ProBioraKids aims to support children’s oral health

ProBioraKids naturally fills the mouth with beneficial bacteria for healthier teeth, the company said.
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ProBioraKids is debuting its new probiotic supplement for children, which has a patented blend of three beneficial strains of good bacteria, including Streptococcus oralis KJ3, Streptococcus uberis KJ2 and Streptococcus ratus JH145.

Formulated for tooth health, ProBioraKids naturally fills the mouth with beneficial bacteria for healthier teeth and crowds out the harmful, pathogenic bacteria, as well as restores the mouth’s natural balance, the company said.

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“Getting kids started with a good oralcare routine is critical for their lifetime health, including the use of an oral-care probiotic after brushing at night,” said Chris Koski, president and CEO of ProBiora Health. “ProBioraKids is the first oral-care probiotic designed to promote strong teeth and gum health in kids, which benefits their overall health, too. Other products that claim to be for kids' oral health are not specially formulated for their oral health needs, and do not include probiotic strains that live on the tooth and gum surfaces — rather they contain bacteria that live in the throat or gut.”

Available as an orange creamsicle lozenge, ProBioraKids is gluten-free, vegetarian friendly and made without the use of artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors, the company said.

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Consumers can find ProBioraKids online at and

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