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Proov Fertility 4-in-1 test broadens distribution to Walgreens

The 4-in-1 fertility kit includes tests to provide insight into one's hormones.

Proov Fertility 4-in-1 test is now exclusively available nationwide online and at more than 6,500 Walgreens locations.

Proov is an at-home medical grade diagnostics company and support platform that the company said is "clinically proven to help those looking to conceive do so faster, and more cost-effectively. Proov goes beyond typical fertility tracking (which focuses on finding the fertile window) to help uncover key issues that can make conceiving more difficult."

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Proov founder, Amy Beckley created the core Proov technology (Proov Confirm PdG tests) after her own battle with infertility. Proov now boasts over 10 products and continues to innovate to bring additional solutions to childbearing people and their partners.

The 4-in-1 fertility kit includes tests to provide insight into one's hormones that can help increase the chances of pregnancy.

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Proov’s tests not only provide insights but empower users to make informed decisions about their fertility. The 4-In-1 Test Kit includes:

  • 3 FSH urine tests to check ovarian reserve;
  • 10 LH test to predict ovulation during the fertile window;
  • 5 PdG tests to confirm ovulation during the implantation window; and
  • 2 hCG urine tests to aid in early detection of pregnancy.
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