Q&A: Piping Rock's Vigliante discusses Pink brand's celebration of women

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Q&A: Piping Rock's Vigliante discusses Pink brand's celebration of women


Kimberly Vigliante, senior vice president of wholesale sales and marketing at Piping Rock and a working mom of three young children, is excited about the company’s new Pink brand. She spoke with Drug Store News about the new purpose-driven brand. 

Drug Store News: Tell us about the Pink brand — what is it?
Kimberly Vigliante:
Pink is a new wellness brand developed by women for women with a cause. When I was given the opportunity to create this brand, it was about empowering the wellness of women and being able to give back to women’s charities. Luckily, I have a group of passionate women by my side who were eager to help. Inspired by our own experiences, it was important for us to develop high-quality supplements we would personally want to take every day. We wanted to bring products to market that were as dynamic as today’s woman, fitting her unique lifestyle needs with one brand she can trust. Empowering women is at the core of what we do, so in addition to creating vitamins that easily fit her lifestyle, we are committed to giving back to charities that support women’s causes. 

Kimberly Vigliante

DSN: What makes this brand special to the trade and, of course, to consumers?
Pink is about real women creating products that they would want to take every day. Our focus is to provide simple solutions using trending ingredients, as well as core staples she can’t live without, such as melatonin, collagen and B12 to address her key needs. Created in the forms we know she’ll love because we love them too — delicious, naturally flavored gummies, fast dissolves, veggie capsules, and convenient single-serve packs. Pink will be her trusted source for high-quality nutritional products that keep up with the demands of her daily life and the latest trends. All Pink products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and made without any artificial flavors. We’ve also created innovative packaging you won’t want to tuck away in the cabinet. 

DSN: You mention that it is “developed by women for women.” Tell us about that.
We created this brand for women to help empower their daily lives — and who better to do that than women? Our team of passionate women brought this brand to life. Everything from the unique formulations to the custom design and packaging came from a true place of passion and inspiration. Women, including myself, are constantly on the go, often with the weight of the world on our backs. Pink is for every woman, everywhere — quality health-and-wellness products truly tailored for each woman’s needs that will work for her, so she can keep showing the world all that she can accomplish.

DSN: How are you getting retailers involved in the launch of the brand and your company’s charity initiatives?
We are grateful for our retailers because having the brand on shelf shows they support our end goal as much as we do — empowering women. But, of course, there is so much more to ensuring retailers have a successful launch. To help educate and engage with consumers pre-launch, we reinforced our brand message and our cause through various social media platforms with raw-relatable content, which we will continue to do. 

At the retail level, we developed Pink merchandising displays with our women’s wellness empowerment message to bring the brand to life at shelf. Partnering with retailers on promotional programs that also align with their corporate initiatives to give back to charities, in addition to our own, is something we are looking forward to. Part of what is great about Pink is that a portion of our sales is donated to women’s charities. We have carefully chosen nonprofit organizations to support and give back to the community, where we felt we can see an impact in helping to influence lives in a positive way.