Q&A: TRI is redefining the first aid category with innovative new products that go beyond traditional wound care

Total Resources International's Geolyn Gonzalez talked to Drug Store News about what the company sees as the future of first aid and emergency preparedness.

Geolyn Gonzalez, vice president of sales and marketing at Total Resources International, shares the company’s history and rollout of new products.

First aid and emergency preparedness company Total Resources International is looking to the future of the category and developing a new generation of products. Drug Store News recently spoke with Geolyn Gonzalez, vice president of sales and marketing, to talk about the company’s legacy and to get an update on the company’s future product introductions.

Geolyn Gonzalez
Geolyn Gonzalez, vice president of sales and marketing, Total Resources International

Drug Store News: Total Resources International is known as a manufacturer of first aid and emergency preparedness kits and other items. What makes your brand different? What would you say is one of your most significant contributions in retail?  
Geolyn Gonzalez: Be Smart Get Prepared is not your basic first aid. We design to fit consumer lifestyles, and the goal is always to fill in the gaps where necessary. Our products are a true reflection of the company’s culture and people. Be Smart Get Prepared kits have a playful aesthetic, comprehensive components that treat minor to severe injuries, and offer a wide range of versatility. We span across multiple retail categories in HBC pharmacy, outdoors, auto, industrial, emergency survival and more. We have plastic cases and bags in various shapes and sizes to keep people safe at home and away from home. We have what you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

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The rise in demand for versatile products and the evolution of wound care from traditional to advanced wound care guided us toward launching SILVEX Nano Silver Wound Gel — our most significant, most innovative contribution to retail. SILVEX Nano Silver Wound Gel is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial gel that kills a wide variety of pathogens and harmful bacteria, such as fungus, yeast, and most importantly, neutralizes viruses. SILVEX is the new standard for silver first aid solutions.

DSN: What is innovative about SILVEX Nano Silver Wound Gel and how does it benefit consumers?  
GG: “I bought this for a fever blister and then tried it on a toe fungus. I have tried every product the podiatrist recommended, but nothing has worked for the past four to five years. … After three days of use, the white fungus was gone, and after a week and a half, my nail color was normal and growing back. Worked great on both issues!” – S. MacIntyre, Amazon customer review

SILVEX Wound Gel contains 24 ppm of patented Nano Silver technology, making it fast-acting against minor to severe wounds. SILVEX creates a barrier of protection for your skin and wounds that lasts up to three days, making it the perfect solution for cuts and lacerations, first- and second-degree burns, skin irritations, and more severe injuries such as diabetic ulcers and post-operative wounds. SILVEX is versatile and unique, effectively killing 99.99% of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as MRSA and VRE, staph, and other harmful bacteria.

Our purpose and intent is to change the mindset of consumers to be proactive instead of reactive. This is our legacy … Be Smart Get Prepared.

DSN: What are the prospects and growth potential for the products in the SILVEX line? 
GG: The SILVEX family continues to grow and spread awareness in this space. With our INSIDE/OUT campaign, which promotes optimal health inside and outside of your body, Nano Silver Immuno Boost strengthens immunity by supporting your gut health. SILVEX Wound Gel provides a topical solution to address all the aforementioned injuries while accelerating the skin’s natural healing process and preventing infections. We offer a combo of our all-natural silver solutions on Amazon — FSA/HSA eligible. Also launching soon is SILVEX Nano Silver Wound Wash and SILVEX Immuno Drops with manuka honey for sore throats.

DSN: Is there anything new we can look forward to from Be Smart Get Prepared next year?  
GG: We are launching an easy and convenient refill program for our OSHA ANSI/ISEA first aid kits called REGISTER, REMIND, REFILL. The program is to REGISTER your kit online, and we will REMIND you via email when to REFILL your kit. Consecutive reminders are sent 30, 15 and seven days before expiration. When you register, you get 10% off your refills. 

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Overall, we look forward to spreading awareness and connecting to our consumers. The biggest opportunity is to make first aid relevant through education.

Our purpose and intent is to change the mindset of consumers to be proactive instead of reactive. This is our legacy … Be Smart Get Prepared.