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QR codes: The key to unfiltered customer feedback

Nihal Advani, founder and CEO of QualSights, takes a look at how QR codes can be an efficient method of gathering customer satisfaction data for retailers and retail pharmacies.

Retailers looking for a more efficient and precise method of gathering customer feedback are jumping back into the world of QR codes to collect customer satisfaction data. ​​QR code technology has become much more accessible in recent years, causing usage to increase by 94% from 2018 to 2020. Thirty-nine percent of respondents also want to see the technology more broadly used.

Why QR codes?

QR codes can be an efficient method of gathering customer satisfaction data for retailers and retail pharmacies. The pandemic created a resurgence for QR codes as brands and companies alike were looking for contactless ways in which to interact. Forty-seven percent of respondents agree that QR codes make contactless life easier. Accordingly, the last two years have allowed most people to become more familiar with and open to using this technology regularly. 

Using QR codes to collect customer satisfaction data allows retailers to gather in-the-moment and authentic feedback from their customers. This allows customers to explain their experiences more accurately as opposed to having to recall their experiences from several days or weeks prior.

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This technology can also be used to conduct customer satisfaction studies to help retailers understand the general trends of their data faster. The speed and efficiency of understanding these trends mean that retailers can react quickly to customer feedback. 

Best practices: Customer satisfaction studies using QR Codes

When leveraging QR codes to gather customer feedback, it is imperative that retailers keep activities simple, incentivize participants through loyalty programs and utilize software that will efficiently analyze feedback.

Keep it simple

While it’s true that leveraging QR codes to gain customer feedback will yield more accurate and in-the-moment feedback, it’s important to consider the length of the customer satisfaction survey. When creating a survey, take advantage of every second, as studies show attention spans have decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds over the past 20 years. Keep activities in customer satisfaction studies simple and short to get the most accurate results while consumers are still in the experience.

Loyalty is key

Customer satisfaction surveys that offer no incentive have very low completion rates. If retailers don’t have the budget to incentivize their respondents, they can still reward their respondents for their participation through loyalty programs. Eighty-seven percent of Americans are willing to share various details and opinions in exchange for more personalized rewards and brand experiences. Offering customers loyalty points to participate in customer satisfaction studies encourages them to sign up for loyalty programs and return to the establishment later to redeem the loyalty points they’ve earned.

Old technology meets new market research

Using QR codes to collect customer satisfaction data allows retailers to collect data more efficiently. Combining customer satisfaction surveys that leverage QR code technology with software that can quickly analyze data is important in helping brands efficiently make use of the information they receive from their customers.

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With advancements in how QR codes are being integrated into the process of gathering customer feedback, this technology will be a major tactic for brands. When customer satisfaction surveys are short, incentivized and technologically advanced, QR codes can provide more efficient and accurate data than ever before.

Nihal Advani, CEO, Qualsights

Nihal Advani is the founder and CEO of QualSights, an insights technology platform that helps companies generate deeper and more authentic insights from consumers anywhere in the world in a remarkably fast and cost-effective manner. 

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