Remedy launches live-cultured beverages

a close up of a bottle

Remedy, an Australian fermented beverage brand, is bringing its products stateside with the launch of live-cultured beverages.

The company's new beverages, which contain active cultures, organic acids and antioxidants, are now available for purchase in the United States.

“Realizing our drinks were a hit with our family and friends, we figured more people deserved to have a better, tastier alternative to drinks loaded with sugar and/or artificial ingredients,” Remedy co-founder Emmet Condon said. “We had been struggling to find foods or drinks that were good for you and packed a punch in flavor, and we knew plenty of others felt the same, so we made the decision to take what we’d been brewing for ourselves at home and have a crack at turning it into a business. We had an inkling of what was possible, but it was still a massive risk at the time, when kombucha was unheard of outside of very niche health circles in Australia.”

Available products from the brand include a range of soda alternatives, as well as ginger lemon kombucha, peach kombucha, mixed berry kombucha, raspberry lemonade kombucha and blood orange switchel acv.

“As Remedy has grown as a business, we have remained dedicated to the traditional process of crafting live-cultured beverages that are not only tasty but also good for you, and doing it the right way,” said Cory Comstock, Remedy international CEO. “We will continue to innovate as we grow, and we are committed to keeping it real and staying true to our founders' original mission.”

Currently, Remedy beverages are available online at in a 12-pack that retails for $21.99 and in a 24-pack for $38.99.