Albertsons unveils digital marketplace

Albertsons on Tuesday announced the pre-launch of its digital marketplace. The general registration is now open for vendors who wish to grow their business by direct-shipping to Albertsons customers.

“At Albertsons Companies, we have always prided ourselves on our wide assortment. This offering takes our assortment size to the next level by making the aisle practically infinite,” Narayan Iyengar, senior vice president digital marketing and e-commerce, Albertsons, said. “This is another example of the rapid strides we are making on building digital capabilities that serve our customers, and shows our determination to play a prominent role in the digital food and wellness eco system.”

As of 2017, 27% of consumers purchased food, beverages or both, online, Nielsen reported in its recent "Total Consumer Report" published in March. "Heading into 2018, we are past the 'tipping point' and in as few as five-seven years, research from Nielsen and Food Marketing Institute projects that 70% of consumers will be purchasing food and beverage goods online," the research firm reported. "Center of store edibles like packaged grocery, frozen foods and dairy are examples that have only just begun to penetrate the online space, but are poised to hasten pace, posting annual dollar growth of 41%, 49% and 67%, respectively. Beauty care leads other departments in terms of e-commerce share of sales. With nearly one in three dollars (31%) spent on beauty care categories occurring via e-commerce channels."

The digital marketplace will help Albertsons customers find and buy hard-to-find products and to quickly discover new items and trends that suit their tastes and lifestyles. It will benefit vendors of these products by giving visibility to the products on the grocer's digital platform, and by handling the common e-commerce front-end functions including search, product description and ordering.

Most importantly, this offering will generate proprietary data on food and wellness product trends in different markets. This can help Albertsons merchants evaluate what innovative products to stock in the stores, as well as provide vendors insight into where they should invest in building distribution.