Highlighting dynamic brands

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Highlighting dynamic brands

Do you know your customer? Do you understand their cultures, ethnicities and overall demographics, as well as their shopping needs and lifestyles?

Drug Store News and Mack Elevation will co-host the 4th annual New General Market “Purpose Driven” Summit in June to help mass retailers and their suppliers gain a better understanding of who their shoppers are and what needs to be done to get them to visit their stores more frequently and buy more products.

The one-day event, to be held on June 19 at the W Hotel in Hoboken, N.J., just across the Hudson River from New York City, will examine how today’s most distinct brands are adopting practices in building stronger customer relationships through personalization, custom solutions, product design and a progressive business culture.

Many of today’s top brands are building relationships with the consumer by creating honest and reliable brand communities, held together by their corporate purpose.

“Our vision is to bring together some of the most dynamic brands — well-known names that win the heart and soul of the consumer,” said DSN publisher Eric Savitch. “These brands operate with a philosophy that is much different than most companies, and we are excited to help tell their story. We want to show how these brands connect with consumers and what needs to be done to improve this connection.”

“Brand value is temporary, and it doesn’t last forever,” Mack Elevation founder Dan Mack said. “Many of the most dynamic brands in our industry embrace reinvention, creating new competitive advantages. Today’s most trusted brands share emotional stories that inspire others to follow them. They are memorable, avid story tellers and operate with a higher business calling. This year’s companies have embraced their purpose and operate with a higher calling.”

The New General Market Summit will feature a wide range of executives from a select group of special organizations that are committed to building a one-on-one relationship with a consumer base that is rapidly diversifying. Sundial Brands CEO Richelieu Dennis, a pioneer in identifying and responding to cultural shifts with the consumer, will share emerging insights into the company’s organizational purpose and its social vision of community commerce.

Executives from Unilever will discuss new insights the company is uncovering in its efforts to build purpose-driven brands and culture. Daniel Lubetzky, founder of KIND bars, will talk about “birthing a brand with a soul.” Rachael Vegas, chief merchant of Brandless, will discuss their new direct-to-consumer model and how it aligns with the consumer’s new mindset. Larry Levin, IRI’s executive vice president of consumer and shopper marketing, will discuss blind spots with Generation Z. Evan Neufeld, L2’s vice president of intelligence, will discuss digital winners, and Shannon Curtin, Coty’s senior vice president, will share best practices in social listening and trend forecasting.

A number of top retail executives also are participating. They include Latriece Watkins, Walmart’s senior vice president of merchandising consumables and OTC; Chris Skyers, Wakefern’s vice president of corporate merchandising and marketing; and George Coleman, CVS Health’s vice president of merchandising for consumer health care.

The one-day forum also will focus on top brands, discussing the changing needs, motives and interests of the new consumer. The event also will feature discussion on how corporate purpose directs and holds together these special cultures.

Participants will help define the best practices of leading brands that have raised the bar in creating authentic relationships with their loyal customers, and will be featured in a series of DSN special reports later this year.

For more information on how to participate, contact Eric Savitch at [email protected] or Dan Mack of Mack Elevation at [email protected]