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Retail pharmacy lends a helping hand

In this latest column, Editor-in-Chief Nigel Maynard looks at how retail pharmacy has a track record of providing meaningful care to customers, as well as a legacy of charitable giving.

Simply as a function of their mission, retail pharmacies have a long history of providing meaningful care and assistance to their customers. Whether it’s filling scripts, administering vaccines or helping patients with medication adherence, pharmacies help a lot of people on a daily basis.

But there is another side to pharmacies: They hold free clinics, vaccine drives in low-income communities, back-to-school giveaways, community improvement grants, assistance to nonprofits to help end food insecurity and donations to a myriad of groups for needy causes.

Our cover story this month shines a spotlight on the retailers making a difference in their communities and providing meaningful assistance to people and institutions they serve.

Whether it’s a large retail outlet, a grocery chain or a regional player, retailers have made community outreach a major part of their operating mission.

As CVS has said: “CVS Health is committed to helping Americans get the care they need. As part of this, we’re dedicated to providing financial support to the communities we serve through the CVS Health Foundation, in-kind donations, employee giving, fundraising and other community investments.”

We also highlight pharmacists who went above and beyond to help their team and the people they serve. Our reporter found some inspirational stories, like CVS pharmacist Kathleen Kirkland, who donated a kidney to a patient who was in dire need of a transplant; Jennifer Jackson, a Walmart pharmacy manager and pharmacist, who supports women, children and families through a range of charitable activities; and Lee Anderson, a Walgreens store manager and pharmacy technician, who risked her life as a massive fire was engulfing her Lahaina,
Hawaii, town to ensure that her staff was safe.

As our story demonstrates, retail pharmacies should be commended for their community outreach, and they should be proud of their pharmacists for their after-hours philanthropic efforts and commitment to the communities and people they serve.

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