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RevSpring opens new corporate headquarters in Nashville

Fueled by record growth, RevSpring makes its home in a city surrounded by healthcare leaders.

RevSpring, a provider of healthcare patient engagement and payment solutions, has opened its new corporate headquarters in Nashville. The move will establish RevSpring’s primary home among many of the industry’s largest healthcare networks, providers and revenue-cycle partners. 

Located at 1131 4th Avenue South, RevSpring’s new corporate headquarters will occupy 9,304 square feet of space on the third floor of Nashville Warehouse Co., with space for more than 80 employees. With nearly 800 employees nationwide in cities and remote offices across the United States, RevSpring also occupies space in Phoenix; Detroit; Minneapolis, Minn.; Trenton, N.J.; Columbus, Ohio; and Philadelphia.

“This is an exciting milestone for RevSpring,” said RevSpring CEO Scott MacKenzie. “In addition to being a beautiful new location in a vibrant city known for excellence in health care, the office is designed to embrace the new way people work in the wake of the pandemic. Our new office will support a modern, flexible working environment for our local and remote teams, employees and customers, to gather, collaborate and innovate.”

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The move builds upon a year of ongoing momentum for the company, driving double-digit year-over-year revenue growth for the business:

• Continued sales momentum with record bookings over the past year and a half, including more than 300 new client logos added for new direct customers and channel partners;

• Better than 30% revenue growth in each of the past two years in the payments business, with more than 35 million payment transactions made and nearly $8 billion collected in the past 12 months;

• Merchant payments volume processed at over $1 billion annual run rate and at a 70% growth rate year-over-year;

• Double-digit growth in RevSpring’s analytics business, which adds intelligence to patient engagement and payments, everywhere;

• Triple-digit growth in digital delivery as clients embrace an intelligent, omnichannel engagement strategy for billing and payment;

•  Continued expansion of preservice applications into RevSpring’s revenue cycle client base, marked by double-digit growth in our preservice business; and

• Healthy post-COVID growth in RevSpring’s billing business (print and mail). 

And ongoing innovation, with more than 12 new products announced in 12 months, including:

• Deviceless Payments;

• Safe Mode for call center PCI compliance;

• Analytics-driven patient journey visualization and optimization through OmniBrain;

• OCR with Arrived patient intake forms;

• Talksoft patient self-scheduling;

• New integrations to PersonaPay with Epic, Cerner and leading digital wallet and financing companies;

• IDSecure for secure consumer data tokenization throughout production; and

• Composer content management and self-service solutions.

RevSpring is focused on solutions that increase customer revenues, increase patient/consumer self-service and engagement and reduce the cost to engage with patients and consumers. RevSpring solutions are focused on the need to increase revenues, reduce discretionary services, adapt to remote staffing models, staff reduction and retention challenges and cost pressures. In addition to driving unmatched consistency in the patient experience—spanning preservice to payment—RevSpring uses intelligence and personalization to support critical healthcare business goals, including increased collections, patient experience, patient loyalty and cost efficiency.

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“As the healthcare industry continues to change and evolve, the patient expectation and experience is changing. We want our workplace to reflect these changing ways to engage. Engagement in health care requires a masterful balance of innovation, empathy and perseverance—and RevSpring is revolutionizing healthcare solutions, spearheading innovations in patient experience and payments and driving improvement,” added MacKenzie.

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