Rite Aid touts commitment to customers in new ad

The ‘It Means More’ ad spotlights its commitment to customers, together with the passion and ongoing dedication of its employees to continuously provide unrivaled customer experiences.

Rite Aid is unveiling its new ‘It Means More’ ad—spotlighting its commitment to customers, as well as the passion and dedication of its employees to ensure unrivaled customer experiences. 

At a time when personal connections are increasingly valued, the retailer is reaffirming its recognition of the importance of nurturing customer relationships and reinforcing this company value by emphasizing its steadfast focus on creating meaningful interactions.

"Putting our customers first by creating authentic relationships is what differentiates Rite Aid in the retail pharmacy space," said Jeanniey Walden, chief marketing officer at Rite Aid. “‘It Means More’ is a testament to the exceptional service that our employees consistently deliver and the genuine connections they have with our customers. The heartfelt stories reflected in our ads highlight some of the many ways the Rite Aid experience not only provides the community with daily life necessities and fun extras but also adds a personalized touch, which is truly our special sauce. It means more to our company every time someone chooses to walk through our doors.”

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The ad spot, which draws inspiration from real-life situations, features the following relatable storylines:

  • A devoted father rushing to a nearby Rite Aid after his daughter unexpectedly cuts her hair just before picture day, ensuring she has a new headband to feel confident in her school photos.
  • A couple who realizes while traveling that they've forgotten a crucial prescription—and the relief that follows when they easily refill it at a local Rite Aid, appreciating the convenience and care provided by Rite Aid team members.
  • A busy mom, desperate to complete her to-do list late at night, finding solace at Rite Aid, where she not only replenishes her detergent supply but also treats herself to the company’s own brand of Thrifty Ice Cream.

"These vignettes illustrate the meaningful connections and everyday conveniences that Rite Aid and its team members provide to their customers and communities every day—from the smallest bumps that life hurls our way to the largest celebrations that mean the most," the company said.

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