Ritual releases 2022 Impact Report

The company unveils its first Impact Report to showcase its efforts and progress to clean up the supplement industry.
Julianne Mobilian
Managing Editor
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Ritual, a brand specializing in science-backed supplements, announced it is investing in traceable research and sourcing in order to set a new standard.

Market research conducted in 2022, indicates that three-quarters of all Americans take at least one supplement regularly—yet despite the high consumption, it has been more than 30 years since there have been any major updates in federal laws overseeing the safety and quality of the $59B industry, the company noted.

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Ritual released its first Impact Report to transparently showcase its efforts and progress to clean up the industry. To date, Ritual has accomplished:

  • Complete is the traceability of ingredients (certificate of traceability here);
  • Seventy-four percent complete is its sustainable packaging goals to be met by 2025;
  • Fifteen percent complete is its net zero emissions to be met by 2030; and 
  • Newly launched are its clinically backed formulas which are to be met by 2030.