Sinol USA intros Sinol-D nasal spray

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Sinol USA intros Sinol-D nasal spray

By David Salazar - 02/03/2020

Sinol USA is bringing a new OTC product to market focused on providing natural relief for nasal issues. Sinol-D is an all-natural decongestant nasal spray that the company said can be used daily. 

In addition to offering a homeopathic option for congestion, Sinol-D contains a new patented natural preservative called Silver Sinol. 

“The most common OTC medicines for congestion all contain oxymetazoline,” said Paul Carpenter, President of Sinol USA, who noted that oxymetazoline can cause side effects and cannot be used for longer than three days. “Our new Sinol can be used up to 12x a day and by consumers with high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes and thyroid disease.”

The product joins Sinol USA’s Sinol-M homoeopathic headache relief nasal spray. Sinol-D currently is available via Sinol USA’s website, and is set to hit retailers soon, the company said.