A celebration of ‘Amazon’ proportions

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SEATTLE — Roughly 40 vendors mingled with key members of the Amazon health and beauty team at Seattle’s Utina Wardroom last month to celebrate the May 13 issue cover story, “Navigating Amazon.” In addition to providing a highly detailed, step-by-step roadmap for how vendors can do business with the world’s largest online retailer, the special report also provided key insight into Amazon’s growing health and beauty business and how it is aligned across the enterprise, as well as how Amazon measures success in those categories, what it expects from its vendors and how it defines its core customer.

The key takeaway — the biggest winners are those who leverage Amazon both as a merchandising platform and also as an important marketing platform capable of helping a new item build awareness, drive trial and build the brand.

To download the complete special report, “Navigating Amazon,” click here.
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