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Smart Meter launches iGlucose for gestational diabetes

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Smart Meter, a maker of cellular-connected remote patient monitoring tools is expanding the uses for its iGlucose monitor.

The Tampa, Fla.-based company’s flagship iGlucose blood glucose monitor is now available for use in managing gestational diabetes, offering pregnant patients a way to test, monitor and manage their blood glucose levels and share the data with their providers. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that every year, between 2% and 10% of pregnancies — roughly 700,000 — are affected by gestational diabetes. 

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"We've seen great success with our iGlucose monitors in other markets, such as long-term care, and we're thrilled to now offer our solution to support women with gestational diabetes," said Casey Pittock, CEO of Smart Meter. "Pregnancy can be a stressful time. iGlucose can help provide peace of mind that patients are getting the best care and support possible."

The company noted that using the iGlucose device’s AutoShare feature, results are immediately transmitted to providers to improve visibility of patient results and deliver critical high and low readings in real-time. For patients, Smart Meter said iGlucose simplifies the process of tracking blood glucose and optimizes engagement between doctor visits with alerts, messaging and notifications. 

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