Theo Chocolate adds Cookie Bites to sweets lineup

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Theo Chocolate is adding a new line of sweets to its lineup.

New from the Seattle-based brand is the Cookies Bites collection, which puts a new spin on the classic experience with certified organic and fair trade chocolate, the company said.

“This isn’t a cookie cutter treat,” Jason Harty, CMO of Theo Chocolate said. “We saw an opportunity to improve the classic cookie experience and make it more fun. So, we combined our award-winning chocolate with crunchy centers, to create a delicious and poppable new treat. This product line brings Theo Chocolate into a new category reaching an even wider audience. But I keep coming back to one question. Are these cookies or candy? Try them and tell us.”

Offerings part of the line include:

  • Double Chocolate 55% Dark Chocolate, which was inspired by fudge cookies. Featuring a crunchy chocolate cookie center, a blend of cocoa and vanilla, its covered in 55% dark chocolate and contains a touch of salt rounds;
  • Snickerdoodle 45% Milk Chocolate, which features a vanilla cookie center that’s covered in cinnamon and 45% milk chocolate; and
  • Mint Chocolate 55% Dark Chocolate, which contains a chocolate cookie center with 55% dark chocolate that has been infused with peppermint oil.

“Chocolate is our passion, so we were looking for a way to take our chocolate and make it more snackable,” Lauren Perkins, brand manager of new product development at Theo Chocolate said. “With that in mind, we took inspiration from one of our other favorite treats, cookies, and rolled with it, literally! Our Cookie Bites are perfect for snacking, indulging, or hiding in a drawer so nobody else can eat them before you get a chance to finish the bag.”

Theo Chocolate Cookie Bites are currently available for purchase online in 4-oz. packages that retail for $5.99. They will be rolling out to grocery stores nationwide in the coming months, including Whole Foods Market in June.