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A tiny container making a large impact

Patrick Morrow, founder of Tini Naturals, has a goal to prevent no less than 100 tons of plastic from negatively impacting the environment in their first year of production alone.
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To be able to tout that you have helped to avoid adding three tons of plastic to the ecosystem in a month is a noteworthy achievement. But Patrick Morrow, founder of Tini Naturals, has a goal to prevent no less than 100 tons of plastic from negatively impacting the environment in their first year of production alone. He intends to do that by not only growing distribution and thus sales of Tini Naturals deodorant — which uses 60% less plastic than traditional travel size deodorants — he also is seeking other like-minded product manufacturers who can utilize Tini Containers for their products.

Morrow invented Tini Containers after having a need to purchase a travel-size deodorant while on a trip and then having to carry it around in his pocket during a day of important meetings. “I thought there has to be a better way,” Morrow said. After years of research and development and trials with 3D printing and designs, he was ready to go to market in April of 2020, but was sidelined by the pandemic. He shared, “We shut down for 2-1/2 years which was a blessing in disguise because we realized we didn’t have the proper infrastructure to be able to deliver to mass retail. Since then, we’ve built our own plastic molds and now control the whole injection molding process as well as have our entire infrastructure and integrated supply chain.”

Morrow didn’t originally set out to launch his own brand. “Tini Naturals was a proof of concept to show other brands that this new packaging could easily be implemented,” he said. “Despite it not being my initial goal, the fact that we’ve gotten such great reception from retailers encouraged us to move forward.”

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Although sold direct to consumer currently, Morrow says expect to see Tini Naturals deodorants on shelves in multiple retail channels by third quarter 2024. The company used the Whole Foods ingredient list along with Credo Beauty as a guide when developing their formulation and offers four scents: fresh linen, spring meadow, lavender, and cool cucumber, and there is also an unscented version. New scents will be introduced in third quarter 2024.

The overall goal, Morrow emphasizes, was to reduce plastic waste, which is why he invites other brands to use the Tini Container. That goal of reducing 100 tons of plastic waste is one he is confident they can meet in the next 12 months given the interest from other brands who want to use the container and the anticipated increased distribution of Tini Naturals.

While Morrow says the deodorant is getting rave reviews, the container is Tini Naturals’ strongest differentiator. “There are some phenomenal brands in the marketplace offering consumers more choice than ever before.  We applaud our fellow entrepreneurs in the personal care space as well as the national household names who are constantly looking to support innovation through our future partnerships.” He also stated that they have been told by retailers that the pocket-size container is a travel category disruptor reminiscent of the impact EOS® had with their innovative lip balm design. In addition to being merchandised in the travel & trial section, it will also be part of the impulse assortment near the cash registers. When Tini Naturals launches their full-size deodorant stick second quarter next year, it will be merchandised in the deodorant department. Additionally, Morrow says they will look to explore other categories as the Tini Container becomes more widely adopted.

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Direct-to-consumer sales began in January of 2023 and to engage with customers they have 30-, 60-, and 90-day touchpoints to understand how the customer found them, why they decided to try Tini Naturals, and what their experience has been like. “We’ve learned so much through that engagement — some of which, has guided product enhancement,” Morrow said.

Morrow emphasizes that in addition to the desire to minimize plastic waste, he recognizes that the user experience, natural ingredients, efficacy, and giving back are as important to having a positive impact on the environment. Based on net revenue earned, the company plans to donate annually to 1% for the Planet, 4ocean, and The Global Goals. “Being philanthropically inclined is part of our ethos.”

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