Turkey Hill welcomes 3 collections of frozen sweets

Turkey Hill’s portfolio just got a whole lot larger.

The Conestoga, Pa.-based company is adding not one, but three new lines of frozen sweets to its roster.

New additions include ice cream cookie sandwiches, fruit and cream bars, and layered sundae cups.

When it comes to its new ice cream cookie sandwiches, which feature its signature ice cream packed between two cookies, the line is available in four different flavors — vanilla bean, peanut butter, chocolate and choco mint chip.

On the other hand, the fruit and cream bars, which feature such ingredients as milk, cream and fruit, are available in four different varieties — strawberry, coconut, orange and strawberry lemonade.

Lastly, the layered sundae cups, which are already assembled, are available in eight flavors, including:

  • Caramel Brownie, which features five layers, including chocolate and vanilla ice cream, brownie brittle, caramel sauce, chocolate cookie crumbles and chocolate flakes;
  • Cookies and Cream, which contains chocolate and cookies n’ cream ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbles and fudge;
  • Cookie Dough Delight, which has vanilla cookie dough and chocolate cookie dough ice creams, cookie dough pieces, fudge and chocolate chip cookies;
  • Strawberry Shortcake, which features vanilla custard and strawberry ice cream, as well as graham cracker pieces and strawberry sauce;
  • Peanut Butter Cup, which has chocolate and peanut butter ice creams, peanut butter cups, chocolate cookie crumbles, peanut butter sauce and mini chocolate chips;
  • Ultimate Fudge, which features vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls, chocolate cookie crumbles, whipped icing and mini chocolate chips;
  • Chocolate Cream Pie, which has chocolate pudding ice cream, graham cracker pieces, whipped cream sauce and chocolate flakes; and
  • Party Cake, which contains vanilla ice cream with cake pieces, vanilla cookie crumbles, blue frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

“In addition to expanding its products nationwide to reach homes across the country, Turkey Hill is launching three brand-new novelties lines to provide more ways for consumers to enjoy the No.1 brand of ice cream in the Northeast,” Kriston Ohm, the marketing director said. “Turkey Hill novelties are crafted using quality ingredients and creamy premium ice cream, because life, like ice cream, should be joyful and sweet.”

Consumers can now find Turkey Hill’s new launches in the freezer aisle at retailers nationwide.