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Tushy’s bidet attachment launches at Walmart

Tushy’s Classic 2.0 bidet attachment is available on and at Walmart stores nationwide.
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New York-based Tushy, which originally launched its bidet attachment in a direct-to-consumer format, is making its retail brick-and-mortar debut at Walmart.

Consumers will be able to purchase Tushy’s Classic 2.0 bidet attachment in stores, and experience a cleaning with a stream of water.

“Too many Americans still walk around with dirty undercarriages. Once you start washing with Tushy, you can’t go back to wiping with dry paper. Our millions of customers agree! Buying a Tushy one time is much cheaper than buying toilet paper over and over again, is much cleaner and healthier, prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses, and is way better for the planet,” Miki Agrawal, Tushy’s founder and chief creative officer, said.

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“Cultures all over the world have been using water to wash for centuries, yet there’s still a stigma associated with bidets in the United States — one that we’re passionate about dismantling. The ability to pick up a Tushy at a retail behemoth like Walmart is a major step towards revolutionizing America’s bathrooms and pooping habits for good.”

Featuring a pressure-control nozzle, users are able to choose from a gentle spritz or a power washer. The product also features a self-cleaning nozzle that lowers when it is in use, a nozzle adjuster and an adjustable seat fastener, the company said.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to provide our customers with new, high quality, innovative products that save them money and make their lives better and easier, and Tushy fits the bill perfectly,” Leo Walthall, a merchant at Walmart, said. “As we continue to identify products that appeal to Gen Z and millennial audiences, we couldn’t be more excited to have this bathroom disruptor on our endcaps and make bidet usage more accessible to Walmart shoppers at an affordable price.”

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Tushy’s Classic 2.0 bidet attachment, which retails for $69.99, can be found online at and in the retailer’s hard bath aisle.

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