The Vitamin Shoppe partners with Jumpmind to modernize POS, promotions execution

​​​​​​​The Vitamin Shoppe is implementing Jumpmind’s solutions across nearly 700 stores to support improved customer and associate checkout experiences.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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The Vitamin Shoppe is set to improve customers' experiences, thanks to a partnership with Jumpmind, a retail technology solutions provider. The partnership is aimed at modernizing The Vitamin Shoppe's in-store point-of-sale technology and unified promotional strategy.

This transformation includes the implementation of Jumpmind Commerce, Jumpmind's cloud-native, mobile-first POS solution and Jumpmind Promote, for unified promotions across digital (online) and physical (in-store) experiences. The modernization project will enhance store associate and customer experiences across nearly 700 locations of The Vitamin Shoppe and Super Supplements stores, as well as on, to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving retail landscape.

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Andy Laudato, chief operating officer of The Vitamin Shoppe, said, “The Vitamin Shoppe is committed to a customer experience that delivers the highest levels of quality, innovation and expertise across our products and services. Jumpmind gives us the flexibility to deploy its highly intuitive user interface on both our existing traditional fixed till and mobile POS, for a seamless and exceptional checkout experience for both our valued customers and Health Enthusiast associates.”

Scott Devlin, chief information officer of The Vitamin Shoppe, added, “Jumpmind’s Commerce and Promote solutions will assist in our transition from legacy systems to a modern, API-first approach. This will enable the creation and execution of innovative promotion types, along with unified promotional execution across all of our direct-to-consumer channels, enhancing customer engagement. Jumpmind’s commitment to service and openness to collaborate and deliver flexible solutions to meet our unique store needs was key in the selection of Jumpmind to support our in-store technology transformation.”

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“Jumpmind is exceptionally proud to partner with The Vitamin Shoppe, the trusted leader in the health and wellness retail industry,” said Joe Corbin, president and CEO of Jumpmind. “With the implementation of Jumpmind Commerce and Promote, The Vitamin Shoppe's in-store teams will be able to better serve customers wherever they shop, providing a unified promotional experience across all channels, while delivering a differentiated customer experience. Moreover, we will empower The Vitamin Shoppe with a technology platform that will enable further enhancements to meet the ongoing needs of customers' individual wellness journeys.”

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