Voltaren Arthritis Pain hits stores

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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The latest Rx-to-OTC switch product from GSK Consumer Healthcare is now available. The company has launched Voltaren Arthritis Pain — which received switch approval from the FDA in February — at Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid and several other retailers. 

Voltaren Arthritis Pain is a prescription-strength nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory gel that is designed to target arthritis pain, the company said. For more than 10 years, the product was prescribed by physicians to safely relieve pain. 


Walgreens' website touted Voltaren's availability.

The product is available in four tube sizes — 1.76 oz., 3.53 oz., 5.39 oz. and 7.06 oz.

As part of the launch, Walgreens’ website highlighted the availability of Voltaren Arthritis pain, which it is selling with prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.99. GSK Consumer Healthcare noted that pricing is at the discretion of the retailer.