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Walmart adds rewards program for Walmart+ members

Walmart Rewards offers Walmart+ members the opportunity to earn additional savings toward future Walmart purchases.

Walmart is rolling out Walmart Rewards for Walmart+ members, according to a post on the company's website from Chris Cracchiolo, senior vice president and general manager of Walmart+.

"At Walmart, everything we do is in service of the customer," said Cracchiolo. "Sam Walton used to say, 'Give customers what they want, and a little more.' This is our ambition with Walmart+ — to offer a suite of benefits and services that are additive for our members. And as the needs of our members evolve, we evolve right alongside them. Because a relentless focus on ‘a little more’ is our path to unlocking exponential value."

Cracchiolo acknowledged that Walmart knows that its customers and members are mindfully managing their budgets these days. "That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new member perk that delivers compounding value: Walmart Rewards," he said. "Walmart Rewards is a new and easy way for Walmart+ members to earn additional savings toward future Walmart purchases. Let’s say after a few shopping trips or online orders, a member has accumulated $10 in Walmart Rewards. When they apply those savings at checkout, what was previously a $25 basket now only costs $15."

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As members search for products on or the Walmart app, they’ll see an option to add rewards starting with hundreds of bestselling items, from groceries to household goods to pet care and beyond. This is on top of Walmart’s everyday low prices.

Cracchiolo explained that members can bank their digital rewards in the Walmart wallet in the app and online and use them to save on future purchases in stores and online. These new item-specific rewards, powered by the Ibotta Performance Network, are available exclusively for Walmart+ members, starting today.

"We’re focusing first on providing rewards on items purchased by our members, and over time, we’ll continue to expand the program to deliver new ways to earn rewards," Cracchiolo noted.

Cracciolo outlined the following benefits of Walmart Rewards:

  • It's free and easy to use. No need to download a separate app or even sign up. No more fumbling with paper coupons. Members just sign into their Walmart+ account on or in the Walmart app, clip eligible rewards, purchase the items and watch the earnings rack up;
  • It works any way members choose to shop. Whether they do most of their shopping in-store or online, members can take advantage of digital offers to earn Walmart Rewards; and
  • Members can redeem the balance at checkout. If shopping in-store, Walmart members can scan the Walmart Pay QR code and tap “Use Walmart Rewards” to deduct the balance from their bill. If shopping online, they can simply do this when they check out. 

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"Walmart Rewards is not static. This opens the door to endless earning possibilities for members in the future. We’ll continue to build new ways to reward member loyalty within the Walmart Rewards program," Cracchiolo concluded. "We’ve always been committed to saving members time and money, and with Walmart Rewards, we’re rewarding members for shopping with us through added savings on the items they want and need most. It’s a little more that adds up to a lot." 

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