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Watch DSN: GNC Health ventures into virtual health care

Allison Bentley, senior director of strategic programs at GNC Health, shares why now is the right time for the global wellness brand to expand into digitized health care.
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John Kenlon, senior vice president at EnsembleIQ and publisher of Drug Store News, sat down with Allison Bentley, senior director of strategic programs at GNC Health, to discuss the global wellness brand’s latest foray into virtual health care.

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For the past two years, GNC has been researching and developing a solution to address the consumer demand for digital and virtual health care, she said. Bentley discussed the three-tier virtual care offerings that are available to consumers, and what they can expect from each membership tier. 

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"Coming out of 2020, the world really underwent a significant change, both medically and culturally, prompting millions of consumers to really re-evaluate how they are getting health care and their perspective on digital and virtual healthcare," Bentley said. "Through that research, we really found that health care needs can be effectively and appropriately treated through digital modalities as long as there is a focus on the convenience aspect of it, so consumers can get the personalized and attentive care that they need."

Watch the full conversation in the video.

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