Welly debuts latest first aid essentials

Welly launched two new first aid kits, an antibiotic and hydrocolloid pads.

Welly’s product line continues to grow with the addition of four new items.

The brand recently announced a new first aid kit that contains bandages in a reusable and recyclable tin that comes in colorful designs and playful patterns.

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The brand also launched an antibiotic and hydrocolloid pads that protect and aid in healing cuts on the face.

The full line of new products from Welly includes:

  • Biggie Face Savers, transparent bandages that match skin tone for discreet coverage of cuts on the face. Each hydrocolloid pad seals in moisture to help promote faster healing while also keeping out dirt and germs;
  • Infection Fighter, an antibiotic formula that prevents infections from minor cuts, scrapes and burns, contains such ingredients as cocoa butter, beeswax, neomycin and polymyxin B. The product is free of parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, fragrances, dyes and phthalates;
  • Camping Bravery Badges, playful patterns designed to help adventurers wear their bumps and cuts with pride. Each reusable and recyclable tin, sealed on all four sides to protect from dirt and germs, is available in three kid-friendly sizes; and
  • Dinosaur Bravery Badges, prehistoric patterns in three unique designs that help users wear bumps and scrapes without fear. Each tin container is reusable, recyclable, sealed on all sides to protect from germs and dirt, and comes in two kid-friendly sizes.

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Welly’s new products are available online at and at Target stores nationwide.