What do young female buyers want from retail pharmacy: Part 4

In the series’ fourth installment, the panel touches on how store design influences shopping habits and how improving upon its front-end can drive more in-person pharmacy visits.
Nigel F. Maynard
Editorial Director

In the fourth installment of the “What do young female buyers want from retail pharmacy” series, Drug Store News editor in chief Nigel Maynard continues his discussion with eight young women to find out their preferences, buying habits, and what they want from the pharmacy of the future.

Building upon the topics discussed in the series’ third installment, this series kicks off with an emphasis on how pharmacy can become a one-stop shop for customers — specifically by offering alcohol, an expanded assortment of products and new brands.

In addition, the panel touches upon how pharmacy should rethink their front-end, most notably by making it more appealing to the eye, and spotlighting the latest launches from brands they carry.

Overall, the panel shares how Target’s easy-to-navigate store design and simplified online shopping model that offers same-day pickup could be a footprint for pharmacies to follow in order to attract more in-person visits.

Be sure to watch part four above, as well as parts three, two and one for the full conversation. 

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