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7 Beauty influencers to watch

The Inside Beauty team put together a list of the most buzz-worthy beauty influencers you need to know right now.

Let's face it--social media is arguably one of the most important elements in American life, from politics to news. But there is no argument that social media plays an outsized role in the beauty space. 

Beauty influencers, with followers in the millions, are sharing their lives, routines, product favs and reviews--propelling sales or spiking them. Some influencers are merely content creators with a following, while others have a strong background in product creation and formulations, or they may be highly trained derms sharing best practices for healthy skin care and sun protection.

The Inside Beauty team has put together a list of seven influencers and content creators who are shaking up the beauty world in their own unique ways.

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Dr. Alexis Stephens

With 257,000+ followers on TikTok, Dr. Alexis Stephens is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in hyperpigmentation, focusing on patients of coloran often underserved population in the dermatology field. Dr. Stephens shares what routines and treatments people with melanin skin can use to aid in their dermatologic health. 

@dralexisstephens Hyperpigmentation lessons from a dermatologist who specializes in treating dark marks, melasma and discoloration. Lesson # 1 Avoid blue light or HEVL - high energy visible light -as research shows it worsens hylerpigmentation especially in those with skin of color. Sunscreens with iron oxides or makeup with iron oxides and antioxidants help block visible light and avoid LED mask with blue light. #melaninrich #skinofcolor #dermaologist #darkmarks #melasma #hyperpigmentation ♬ original sound - random.shii089
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Erin Parsons

Makeup artist Erin Parsons brings her love of vintage to all components of her YouTube channel and to her 2.3 million TikTok followers. From comparing the shades of popular lip colors, testing out new brands, and sharing techniques and tricks from the past to present, there's something for every beauty lover on her channels. 

@erinparsonsmakeup 1985 Russian Red vs 2023 Russian Red - is it the same formula today? 👀 #maccosmetics #russianred #redlipstick ♬ original sound - Erin Parsons

Eviba Carter

Eviba Carter is an MD/PhD candidate who tackles the science behind popular skincare treatments and products to his 88,000 TikTok followers. Carter takes popular supplements and beauty products and, using evidence-based methods and thorough testing parameters, shares what works–and what doesn’t.


Content creator Golloria George puts products to the test and showcases which ones are ideal for people of color, specifically those with darker skin tones. George also shares tutorials for her 1.7 million TikTok followers, and is not afraid to share how she really feels about brands and products. 

Javon Ford 

With 445,000+ followers, Los Angeles-based Cosmetic Chemist Javon Ford shares insights on product formulations to help viewers make smarter choices, tackle miseducation in the beauty industry and educate viewers on why products appear a certain why or how to properly use viral and trending products. 

The Lipstick Lesbians

Alexis, a beauty product developer, and her partner Christina use their platform to educate consumers on their favorite beauty products and brands. 

The duo tackles everything, including educating viewers on what a certain product does, sharing reviews and doing a deep-dive on product formulations and packaging. Viewers and subscribers of their platforms get the full scope on the beauty industry. The account has 850,000 followers on TikTok.

@thelipsticklesbians Tubing mascara is generally designed with more film formers than traditional mascara. You know tubing mascara is right for you, if you want something that stays on longer, your current mascara flakes like crazy, you always have raccoon eyes, or you want an alternative to waterproof. The best is, it washes off more gently than waterproof. When you look for mascara, do you look for tubing? #makeup #beautytok #mascara #thelipsticklesbians ♬ original sound - The Lipstick Lesbians

Olivia Makeup

Olivia is a Las Vegas-based makeup artist who is able to showcase colorful inspiration from any source, including high fashion, pop culture, music and more. Her page features styles with bright pops of color and she often shares tutorials for her 550,000 TikTok followers who want to emulate her stylized looks. 

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