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Activia partners with Nina Dobrev, Daybreaker on campaign initiative


After previously launching its “A to Z” campaign, Activia is looking to take gut health promotion to the next level.

The White Plains, N.Y.-based company is teaming up with Daybreaker and actress Nina Dobrev on a new initiative designed to celebrate the important role the gut plays in one’s overall well-being.

To kick off this partnership, Activia is hosting a virtual dance event — The Bold Moves with Nina Dobrev — which takes place on Aug. 8 and looks to invite the public to join Daybreaker’s dance community.

“At Activia, we are always looking for new ways to showcase the connection with whole-self wellness between the soul, mind, body and, of course, the gut,” Sonika Patel, vice president of marketing at Danone North America, said. “We are excited to launch this virtual event in tandem with the 'Gut Health Challenge' to help bring the larger A to Z campaign to life.”

Bold Moves with Nina Dobrev, which will be led by Daybreaker co-founder Radha Agrawal, looks to invite people from around the world to start their day with the power of dance and movement, the company said.

“Growing up as a rhythmic gymnast and dancing my whole life, I have always had a passion for movement. Throughout the last few months, it's become more and more apparent that how we feel both emotionally and physically has direct correlation to what we eat and how we move. I know for me, learning what was best for my gut health has made the most significant impact on my life,” Dobrev said about the partnership. “I have a busy lifestyle between acting, producing, traveling and always making time for a great dance party with girlfriends. Through it all, my health always comes first, and that starts with my diet and gut health. That's why I'm excited to partner with Activia and champion those wherever they may be on their own gut health journey.”

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