In the Aisles: Shoppers report largely smooth sailing

What are the people saying about shopping as they try to stay ahead of this pandemic?

We asked them. In a decidedly unscientific study conducted on Facebook, how their shopping experiences over the last few days have been and what, if anything, they are doing differently. 

The answer, surprisingly, was that most have experienced pretty good trips. Yes, they said that many items are in demand, the much talked about toilet paper included, are hard to find. Other items that were not available included canned goods, other paper goods and, of course, any kind of anti-bacterial lotion. 

But, there was plenty of food, most said, even if it meant going back to the store, or a second store, one or two times. Consumers reported no shortage of dairy or meat products, no shortage of produce and no shortage of medications. Plus, they say that the professionals, mainly pharmacists, are working and as helpful as they can be. 

Interestingly, a number of the Facebook respondents said they were turning to store brand products; some for better pricing but others because they are saying the quality is just as good as the national brands and they are available. 

Also, many said that they are doing their best not to over-buy. As some said, their refrigerators and freezers are filled to capacity already and they have enough. Others are turning to prepared meals, some delivered to their doors, as an alternative. 

All good news from the front lines during a hectic time.

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