In the Aisles: Remaining a resource

As a shopper these days, my goals are pretty simple. Find the product I want at a store that has the least amount of traffic and may also have toilet paper and paper towels. 

In the middle of the great coronavirus pandemic of 2020 that is what it has come down to. Get in and get out, and make sure you get as many of the products you need. Then get home. 

And apparently I'm not alone on this. Drug Store News parent company EnsembleIQ and the Path to Purchase Institute conducted a survey of more than 1,000 shoppers that echoed similar feelings. They want products that are still affordable; they're meal planning; they're even using coupons and promotions as normal.

And from what I can tell, retailers are not raising prices. From this angle, in fact, I get the impression that retailers are actually offering sales and deals to help their shoppers. 

Frankly, I am quite impressed with how many retailers are doing all they can to help consumers. While store hours are shorter for most mass retailers, shelves are pretty well stocked and lines are short at the checkout. Everyone is cooperative and everyone is looking to provide advice. 

Let's keep it up.

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