Amipure’s skin care line makes stateside debut

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Amipure’s skin care line makes stateside debut

By Gisselle Gaitan - 11/27/2019

Amipure, a K-beauty line that has become synonymous with its clean ingredients, has finally made its U.S. debut via Amazon.

Products offered by the South Korean brand include skin toner, liquid moisturizer and cleansers that contain amino acids and polysaccharide components, the company said.

“Amipure’s philosophy is to reduce the use of harmful ingredients in cosmetics and put only what is absolutely necessary to make skin healthy,” Amipure’s founder Peter Cho, said.

In addition, Amipure products do not contain oil, artificial preservatives, superficial coloring, alcohol, added fragrances or petroleum-based surfactants, the company said.

Shoppers can expect to find three of its most popular products on Amazon including:

  • The Meringue Bubble Cleanser, which is a mild, scent-free cleanser that can also double as a makeup remover, is hypoallergenic and retails for $31.50;
  • The Like a Nopoo Shampoo, which does not contain chemical foaming agents that strip away natural scalp oil; and
  • The Amino Effect Mask, which comes in a pack of 10 that retails for $50.30, is made of cotton and contains amino and hyaluronic acids to hydrate the skin.

Shoppers can find Amipure’s products, which have been recognized as green by the Environmental Working Group, on Amazon.

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