Ancient Nutrition packs superfoods into powder, tablet and gummy formats

Ancient Nutrition’s Organic SuperGreens formulas are made with a blend that contains up to more than 25 superfoods, the company said.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Ancient Nutrition Organic SuperGreens

Ancient Nutrition is helping consumers get their daily dose of superfoods in whatever format they desire — powder, gummy and tablet.

New from the Nashville, Tenn.-based company is its Organic SuperGreens, which is made with a blend that contains up to more than 25 superfoods to help deliver detoxification and pH balance, as well as energy and nutrient boosts.

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The latest launches from the brand include:

  • Organic SuperGreens + Organic Multivitamin: Available in powder and tablets, it contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals sourced from organic food ingredients to aid in filling nutrient gaps in diets;
  • Organic SuperGreens Energizer: Available in powder and tablet formats, it features a proprietary blend that contains green tea leaf, yerba mate and ashwagandha to aid in fighting fatigue;
  • Organic SuperGreens Alkalize & Detox: Available as a powder, it contains a blend of such alkalizing superfoods as apple cider vinegar, milk thistle and spirulina, as well as a probiotic;
  • Organic SuperGreens + Organic Collagen: Available as a powder, it is made with organic eggshell membrane collagen source that looks to support joints, gut and skin health; and
  • Organic SuperGreens Gummies: Containing 15 organic fruits and veggies, it is suitable for both adults and children.

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“In addition to the incredible organic superfoods found in our original Organic SuperGreens, the new Organic SuperGreens formulations provide powerful superfoods that target specific wellness goals,” said founder and CEO of Ancient Nutrition, Jordan Rubin “What I love most about these new blends is that you can get your greens any way you want, including “first-ever” combinations with rare and exotic superfood ingredients designed to supercharge your body to achieve your health and fitness goals.”

Retailing from $44.95 to $55.95, Ancient Nutrition’s Organic SuperGreens formulas are available for purchase online.