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Nutrabolt’s C4 revamps pre-workout brand

C4 updated its packaging design and launched two pre-workouts for athletes — C4 SuperSport and C4 Ripped SuperSport.
nutrabolt c4 pre-workout

Nutrabolt is unveiling a new look for its C4 brand and its line of pre-workout products.

Consumers can now find C4’s products in a reimagined packaging design across all of its formulations for all levels of consumers, as well as two new athletic formulations — C4 SuperSport and C4 Ripped SuperSport.

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“We are committed to delivering a platform of the most effective pre-workout formulations in the market, helping athletes of all levels achieve their fitness goals,” said John Herman, president of sales and marketing at Nutrabolt. “We are confident that our fans who know and love our pre-workouts will continue to ignite their fire and boost their moment of sweat, and that new consumers will be introduced to the brand with clear product benefit labeling.”

The brand says its newly completed C4 pre-workout roster supports all fitness and performance needs. Highlights of the refreshed lineup include:

  • Ignite Your Performance: The original pre-workout that features select formulations supporting fat-burning and increased metabolic rate, as well as the C4 Original and C4 Ripped products;
  • Ignite Your Game: A NSF Certified for Sport pre-workout formula designed for all types of athletes with benefits that include elevated energy, muscular endurance, hydration replenishment and fat burning. It includes the C4 Sport, C4 Ripped Sport, C4 SuperSport and C4 Ripped SuperSport lines; and
  • Ignite Your Ultimate: Formulated to help power strenuous moments of performance, it supports energy, pump, performance, muscular endurance, shred and fat burn. It includes the C4 Ultimate and C4 Ultimate Shred lines.

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C4 products are available for purchase online and at such national retailers as GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart and Target.

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