Attract aisle attention

Suppliers share how drug stores can make purchasing decisions easy for customers seeking vitamin and sports nutrition products.
Aisle interrupters and targeted sampling, meanwhile, could increase sales and exposure, said Marc Adler, director of sales, drug for Liquid I.V.

Editor’s Note: This story provides additional context to the September 2023 story, “Goal Oriented,” which readers can find here.

Thoughtful marketing and merchandising can go a long way to build sales of vitamins, minerals and supplements for sports nutrition and weight management. 

On the weight management side, drug stores need to address the fact that consumers are straying from structured diet programs and seeking out products that are in line with their “self-directed” weight management concepts, noted Jonathan Clinthorne, Ph.D., director of nutrition for Denver-based Simply Good Foods Co., which owns the Atkins and Quest brands.

“Work to make these products feel like they can be part of any lifestyle and aren’t specific to those on a regimented diet,” he recommended. 

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A similar approach should be applied to sports nutrition products, Clinthorne said. Retailers need to convey that such products are not just for elite athletes—they have ingredients that can benefit mainstream consumers, too.

Suleen Mak, vice president, brand and strategy for Oakville, Ontario-headquartered Iovate Health Sciences, suggested partnering with vendors that are able to “support ‘weight managers’ through their journey with both supplement solutions and lifestyle habits that drive lasting change.” And on the sports nutrition side, she pointed out that drug stores could benefit by clearly defining not only the subcategories here, but also the “why and how” they are used, and more.

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“Within performance, we call it a ‘product stack,’ which is essentially a customized group of products used together for optimal results towards a goal,” Mak said. “Stacks can also increase revenue opportunities for the retailer if done correctly, all while providing consumer benefit.”

A knowledgeable staff is also a valuable sales tool.

“Train them to provide guidance and recommendations based on customer needs and goals,” said Ambi Kanthasamy, associate director for Six Star Pro Nutrition, New York. “Encourage ongoing education to stay up to date with the latest research and trends in the industry.”

Aisle interrupters and targeted sampling, meanwhile, could increase sales and exposure, added Marc Adler, director of sales, drug for Liquid I.V., El Segundo, Calif.

Finally, drug stores should look for other ways to make the purchase decision easy for customers.

“If they can’t understand what you are offering and how it benefits them within a few seconds, you have almost no chance to convert them,” said Michael Vercelletto, chief marketing officer for West Hollywood, Calif.-based Goli Nutrition.