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Nigel F. Maynarad is editor in chief and editorial director of Drug Store News. 



Reimagining the retail front end

In his latest column, DSN editor and chief Nigel Maynard highlights how some retail pharmacies are reexamining their SKUs as healthcare services expand and supply chain constraints cause a shortage of new products.

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All Better plant-powered first aid brand launches

The first aid brand’s Don’t Scratch That pens and patches keep mosquitos at bay.

Rinus Beintema teams up with U.S. firm for new CBD delivery method

The partnership between Hemp Synergistics and Rinus Beintema’s nonprofit group, Suver Nuver, was formed to develop condition-specific, custom cannabinoid treatments.

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In this installment, Musab Balbale, senior vice president and chief merchandising officer at CVS Health, discusses the company’s efforts to transform retail pharmacy into a healthcare destination.

A strategic partner: Eagle Labs is on a mission to make consumer products the public can trust

Michael Law, chief commercial officer at Eagle Labs, explains how innovation will always have a place for consumers seeking new solutions.

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Drug Store News editor in chief Nigel Maynard caught up with Jennifer Zilka, president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, to discuss how the company’s patient-facing services help independent pharmacies deliver personalized care.

All about the fees: Will the new federal rule on reimbursement go far enough?

DSN editor in chief Nigel Maynard reveals how DIR fees are seen as the most challenging issue the industry faces.

Survey: How important are mid-tier brands to retail stores?

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