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HRG’s five notable products from May 2024

HRG reviewed 13 products in the health category, 70 in the wellness sector and nine in the beauty aisle. Here are the ones to watch.

After seeing a reduction in April, product introductions slowed significantly for the month of May, continuing a volatile pattern.

In May, suppliers introduced 92 products, a number that is 78 less than the 170 they introduced in April. Waukesha, Wis.-based HRG reviewed 13 products in the health category, 70 in the wellness sector and nine in the beauty aisle.

Here are the ones to watch:

1. Colace Stool Softening Gummies

Arcadia Consumer Healthcare has introduced Colace Stool Softening Gummies with magnesium citrate to provide the same gentle relief as Colace Regular (docusate sodium). The company claimed the gummies are cramp- and stimulant-free and work naturally with the water in the body. A pack contains 60 gummies.

2. Hyland’s Naturals Baby Organic Soothing Drops (Nighttime)

Baby Organic Soothing Drops by Hyland’s Naturals are made for babies two months and older to relieve teething pains. Free of benzocaine, artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, gluten and parabens, the drops are formulated with certified organic botanicals such as lemon balm and chamomile flower oil. The products are safe and gentle to soothe a baby’s gums, the company added. It comes in a 1-oz. bottle.

3. Biofreeze Day & Overnight Patches

Reckitt said its Biofreeze Day & Overnight Patches combo pack includes six large menthol patches for daytime and three for overnight. The pain relief patches are meant to be used for sore muscles, backaches and joint pain. Reckitt said the daytime cold therapy patches are designed for optimized comfort, fl exibility and to last up to eight hours, while the nighttime patch incorporates soothing lavender essential oil. A pack contains nine patches.

4. Vagisil pH Balance Wipes

Vagisil pH Balance wipes by Combe Incorporated contain LactoPrebiotic—part of what the company characterizes as a unique formula that also includes lactic acid. The company claimed the formulation helps fortify natural defenses and is clinically proven to help maintain a healthy pH. Dye-free and hypoallergenic, the wipes are meant for daily use. One pack contains 20 wipes.

5. Neutrogena Sport Spray SPF 30

Neutrogena Sport Spray SPF 30 by Kenvue contains antioxidants and vitamins C & E to protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays during outdoor activities, the company said. Kenvue said the non-sticky, quick-drying spray is sweat- and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes to prevent sunburn. The product comes in a 5-oz. bottle.

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