Beauty breaks into the vitamin aisle

Some retailers are looking at beauty from a 360-degree perspective. By cross-merchandising topical skin care with supplements that address similar problems, retailers generate higher tickets. And consumers benefit from synergistic ingredient absorption, said Lisa Ashcroft, president of Naturally Good For You, which the company stylizes as NaturallyG4U. “It’s beauty from the inside out. When people shop skin care, they realize they can benefit from supplements.”

NaturallyG4U supplies both the hair care and supplement categories, which are cross merchandised at Ulta Beauty. Early next year, products will debut in two drug chains. Skin care items have antiaging and hydrating benefits, eliminate toxins, and address blemishes and redness. Ingredients include biotin and other B vitamins, cinnamon oil and boswelic acid. The latter addresses joint comfort.

The vegetarian supplements include Daily Kick Start, a combination of B vitamins, green coffee beans and yerba mate that maximizes energy production, boosts metabolism and improves skin hydration. A second formulation, Herbal TLC Healing, is a natural alternative to OTC pain relievers. Incorporating tart cherry, 5-loxin and curcumin complex, it supports cartilage and joint function. 

Reserveage launched its Beauty from Within supplement line at 300 CVS Pharmacy stores in August. Products are merchandised next to the skin care section, said Yamit Sadok, director of brand strategy.  

“CVS wants to reach consumers shopping these sections, and has created several ‘naturals’ planograms,” Sadok said. “It found that consumers, particularly millennials, are focusing more on natural beauty, not just external, and are buying more supplements.” 

Reserveage’s Marine Collagen Powder uses sustainably harvested collagen from marine sources to improve skin’s elasticity, firmness and lightness. Its keratin capsules and powders contain 18 amino acids, biotin and minerals that benefit hair and nails. It also offers Collagen Candy, a powder that dissolves on the tongue.