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Aquis unveils new hair care system

Aquis is diving into another sector of the hair care category.

The San Francisco-based company, which is known for its fast-drying hair towels, is venturing into the clean hair care system by introducing the new Aquis Prime.

The collection looks to support the natural integrity and health of hair, and help prevent Hygral Fatigue, which is the damage that happens after tresses get wet and lose strength, the company said.

By using its proprietary Aquitex technology, the collection looks to minimize this phenomenon by drying hair 50% faster than natural towels, without damaging friction or excessive heat.

Aquis’ Prime system contains:

  • The Water Defense Pre-Wash, which is a pH-balance restoring spray is formulated with coconut oil and an amino acid complex that protects strands from the inside out before water exposure;

  • The Rebalancing Hair Wash, which cleanses hair without irritating the scalp or weakening tresses further. It can be used at the end of the shower to minimize the time hair is wet;

  • The Aquis hair turban, which speed dries hair from wet to damp while protecting hair from breakage and cuticle damage;

  • The Restorative Leave-In Mist that can be applied to partially dried hair before styling; and

  • The Restorative Leave-In Conditioner that locks in moisture and restores hair to natural pH balance.

“We are moving towards a hair-positive world, and it's time our products catch up,” Britta Cox, founder of Aquis, said. “Instead of temporarily changing the way hair looks, we focus on making it intrinsically stronger and healthier. Aquis Prime reflects your life, renews your hair's natural beauty and reclaims the relationship you have with your hair.”

Aquis Prime retails from $26 to $49, and can be found on the company’s website or Sephora’s online shop.
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