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Ardell to expand faux lash portfolio with trendsetting lashes, lash kits


LOS ANGELES — The Ardell brand of faux eyelashes has announced that it is launching new lash styles for spring 2012.

For years, professional makeup artists have been applying multiple pairs of faux lashes to achieve a dramatically lush look. Enter the new Ardell Double Up Lashes, a new innovation in faux lash strips featuring two times the lashes than a standard strip lash. The bottom lash adds fullness and the top lash adds flare. Ardell Double Up Lashes will be available in six styles with a suggested retail price of  $6.99 at drug stores in January.

Whether a lash novice or faux pro, customize any lash look with the Ardell Trio collection. The Ardell Trio collection is as perfect for first-time lash wearers who want to experiment with different lash styles as it is for current lash users who enjoy blending and mixing lash styles for a one-of-a-kind look. Featuring one pair of strip lashes, one pair of accent lashes, 10 medium individual lashes and mini brush-on adhesive, the Ardell Trio collection kit will retail for $7.99 at Walgreens come January.

Say goodbye to the messy glue with Ardell’s first collection of self-adhesive lash strips. Available in six of Ardell’s top-selling styles, the new self-adhesive lashes are lightweight, comfortable and easy to apply — only two steps: first check the fit, then press to apply. Featuring an extra self-adhesive strip, with proper care and cleaning, Ardell self-adhesive lashes can be used multiple times. Available beginning January at CVS and Walgreens, Ardell self-adhesive lashes will retail for $5.99.

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