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Beauty breakthroughs: ECRM’s Beauty Week showcased emerging stars

There was no shortage of new products at ECRM’s annual Beauty Week Conference in Las Vegas in early June. Suppliers, hoping to make retailers more aware of their items, as well as trying to convince them to stock more of them, were quite active across the entire spectrum of the beauty category, including skin care, hair care and cosmetics.

DSN found some of the best products to highlight. Here is a sampling of what some vendors were introducing at the four-day event held at the Red Rock Inn & Casino.

Atlantic Coast Brands
The Jersey City, N.J-based company is introducing the Keranique Hair Regrowth System, a four-piece kit that is suitable for all hair types and features all of the daily essentials to achieve thicker and more voluminous hair.

The kit includes the 4.5-fl.-oz. Scalp Stimulating Deep Hydration shampoo — designed to provide micro-circulation of the scalp to help remove dirt and buildup, creating a hair environment that is receptive to minoxidil and other treatments; a 4.5-fl.-oz. Volumizing Keratin Conditioner the company said provides moisture to thin hair without weighing it down; and the 2-fl.-oz. Hair Regrowth Treatment, which contains 2% minoxidil to help regrow hair. It also includes a 2.5-fl.-oz. Lift & Repair Treatment Spray that helps seal split ends, provide 24-hour frizz control and protect against heat damage. The kit has a suggested retail price of $49.

“We are the first, the fastest and the largest brand solely focused on women with thinning hair. We have created a therapeutic line that does not forget that women want to look and feel beautiful,” company officials said. “We address all aspects of thinning hair: scalp health, strength of the shaft, hair regrowth, sebum control and styling products, which also strengthen and repair existing hair. We support our brand with over $25 million annually in broadcast media alone.”

Australian Gold
The Indianapolis, Ind.-based company is offering a number of new items in its botanical line of sun care products.

Three SKUs in the Botanical Lotion line — SPF 30, 50 and 70 — feature a 100% mineral sunscreen, containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide a non-chemical sun protection option with a powder-like matte finish. The products also contain Kakadu plum, a native Australian fruit that company officials said has the highest level of vitamin C of any food and eucalyptus, and native Australian tree leaves known to calm, rejuvenate and oxygenate skin. The line is priced between $14.99 and $15.99.

Australian Gold also is offering Botanical Kids, an SPF 50 product that also is 100%-mineral sunscreen and contains lemon myrtle, Kakadu plum, eucalyptus and red algae. The fragrance-free product has a suggested retail price of $14.99 for a 5-oz. container.

The company also is offering Botanical Tinted Face Lotion, with an SPF of 50, and priced at $14.99 for a 5-oz. container. It also offers the Botanical Natural Sprays line in three SKUs — SPF 30, 50 and 70 — priced at $14.99 to $15.99 for a 6-oz. container. The natural spray is formulated with organic alcohol for a natural sunscreen experience.

Cala Products
The Los Angeles-based company launched three products — Advanced Hydration Capsule Mask, Advanced Brightening Capsule Mask and the Advanced Firming Capsule Mask — in May under its Medi-Bio Capsule Mask line are $4.99 each.

“We believe we are offering the industry a great combination of ingredients, packaging and pricing,” said Justin Shin, vice president of sales and marketing at the company. “We strive to create successful formulas that will give retailers the best products to offer their shoppers, and to give them the chance to find a niche with an affordable alternative to other items on the market.”

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company is offering the Tone It Down blonde collection. The set, priced at $12 each, features a blonde conditioner, shampoo and leave-in foam.

“There is nothing like it in the industry,” said Maranda Thompson, director of marketing at the 6-year-old company. “We think there is a hole at mass retail for affordable brands and these products fill that space. We are trying to be disruptive. We want to offer consumers a professional quality type product at affordable prices at retail.”

Luster Products
The Chicago-based company is introducing the S-Curl Free Flow Products for men. The four products in the line are the Instant Moisturizer, leave-in conditioner, Twist & Lock Gel priced at $8.99 each.

“Men are more involved than ever before in their personal grooming,” said Angela Ferguson, senior brand manager at the company. “These products are designed to help men who want to achieve that untamed, athletic look. We think it will catch on with them very quickly.”

M&M Products
The company is offering Revlon Realistic, one of the first multicultural hair care lines to utilize the benefits of black seed oil, which some industry officials say is the new ‘it’ ingredient for promoting healthy strong hair. Company officials said that some consumers prefer using pure ingredients that do not cause potential damage to their curls.

Company officials also said the Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil line for Multicultural Hair Care has been formulated for women wearing her own natural hair. Each product is infused with a mega-charged blend of blackseed oil bursting with omega-3 and amino acids that play a key role in repairing damaged hair and imparting moisture, the company said. The collection is comprised of seven products priced around $7.99 each.

Simunovich Olive Estate
The Sydney, Australia-based company is offering 21 SKUs across its olive skin care line. The face, hand and body products are priced between $7.99 and $12.99.

According to Mat Taplin, the company’s general manager, the line is 100% certified natural, and the olives, a key ingredient, come from 50 acres of company-owned land in New Zealand. “Our goal is to create a premium product with the top ingredients and great packaging that will catch the consumer’s eye,” he said.

Sunny Isle
Billing itself as the “only Jamaican black castor oil approved for export by the Jamaican government,” this Miami-based company offers 25 SKUs in the shampoo, conditioner, hair beard wash and leave-in-conditioner segments. Now the company is offering six SKUs in the Jamaican black castor oil pure butter in regular, coconut and lavender flavors in two sizes: 4-oz. and 8 oz.

“Applying oil to hair can be messy, but our products are easy to apply and use,” said CEO Delroy Reid. “They are designed to stimulate hair growth, including eyebrows and eye lashes, and they work for all hair types.”

Sun Bum
The Encinitas, Calif.-based company introduced Surf Paste to its line of hair care products priced at $14.99. The company also is offering six shampoos and conditioners — revitalizing, blonde and wave & curls — in the line at $9.99, as well as a full complement of styling ads in the line.

“Our price points help to make more money for our retail partners,” said Stu Hamilton, vice president of sales at the company. “The fact is that the average dollar ring in this category is dropping. Now retailers want brands that increase profits and margin contribution. Our products offer 40% margins and more, and they will help retailers make more profits from this category and drive them back to where they belong.”

Hamilton emphasized that Sun Bum’s upscale packaging and formulations are designed to attract younger consumers, a customer who will stick with their brands for years and decades to come. “We want to help pull in a lifestyle element,” he said. “If you capture the millennials now, you get them for the long term.”
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