Beauty Must-Haves: A great opportunity to engage and excite customers


Walgreens recently reinvented its “SaturDate” program into a larger, more impactful program and rebranded it “Beauty Must-Haves.”

After years of hosting “SaturDate” events across their stores, Walgreens recently reinvented their program to better support their stores, suppliers and customers. These events allow their Beauty Advisors the opportunity to spend a full day selling versus tasking, and be laser-focused on providing best-in-class product education and customer care. The new Beauty Must-Haves calendar will include a few dozen in-store events scattered throughout the year featuring national suppliers, Walgreens-owned brands, and targeted multicultural offerings. “Our Beauty Must-Haves program gives our Beauty Advisors the opportunity to showcase featured brands/items for the day, along with testers, coupons, samples and education for their customers,” Hobson said. To create the new program, Hobson spent months with her ear to the ground, soliciting insights both internally and externally, in an attempt to understand how to bring their program to the next level. ”This was definitely a true collaboration across all touch points, and we are very pleased with the end result,” Hobson said.

As part of the program, and as an extension of its Beauty University platform, Walgreens creates how-to videos for each event to provide quick and easy education on the participating products/brands, suggestions on display and demonstration and specific selling tips. Each event also is supported with a sales contest as well, which creates friendly com petition across the stores. “It’s exciting to track our winning stores and then reward them for their achievements,” Hobson said.

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