Beiersdorf's Delaney: Merchandising for shopper convenience a must in shaving


Facing the facts, men’s shave sales are down because more men are opting for facial hair. But Jennifer Delaney, marketing director at Beiersdorf’s NIVEA, shared ideas to get the business back on track with DSN.

DSN: What are the biggest challenges your company faces in the shaving marketplace, and how are you handling them?

Jennifer Delaney: The biggest challenge for the shave category overall is the decreased household penetration of shaving. Men are shaving less frequently than they used to, and when they do shave, more often they are opting for facial hair styles that require less grooming, and therefore, less shaving cream. In addition, we have seen a shift in more men purchasing products online, rather than in retail stores, as they have a variety of options at their convenience.

DSN: How should retailers merchandise the category for greatest return?

Delaney: The category should be merchandised so as to make the in-store experience as clear and easy as possible for men to navigate. Retailers should be merchandising the shave category by brand and by pillar — for example, products made for sensitive skin, hydration, etc., and by product group, shave, aftershave, and facial cleanser, then moisturizers. Again, it’s all to make the in-store experience more convenient.

DSN: What's on your new product "hot list?"

Delaney: We are extremely excited about NIVEA Men Creme. It’s an entry-level product that brings men into the moisturizing category. NIVEA Men Creme was developed as an easy-to-use multipurpose moisturizing cream that can be used on the face, body and hands, making for a convenient product that men can easily introduce into their routine. We’re also noticing that men want more when it comes to skin care. NIVEA Men Creme aims to elevate men’s skin care routine by providing an easy-to-use cream that hydrates the face, hands and body. We can expect to see more and more options in the men’s category as men are demanding more products that cater specifically to their needs. NIVEA Men Creme is a simple-to-use, multipurpose product that caters to what men want, all in one package, and we expect this trend to continue into 2017.

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