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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics looks to ModiFace for AR-powered shopping experience


TORONTO Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is partnering with beauty-focused augmented reality technology provider ModiFace. The Estée Lauder-owned brand’s new AR-powered e-commerce site will allow consumers to virtually try on some of the most popular and in-demand products. 

“ModiFace’s augmented reality allows us to seamlessly bring the in-store experience of trying on a lipstick to our consumers – whether they’re shopping from their living rooms or on-the-go,” Laurie Rifkin, executive director of e-commerce at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, said. “It’s a simple and fun way for women to effortlessly explore our wide shade and formula range in lipsticks before they purchase, allowing consumers to have fun with AR and make a decision with confidence.”

Among the features ModiFace will be offering consumers are Light Field Rendering, which it said accounts for the level of light, texture, and shine in the photo or video and adjusts the makeup shades dynamically. A multi-core optimized web makeup enables smooth and ultra-fast performance across a wide range of computing devices and browsers, ModiFace said, adding that an intelligent lighting adaptation adjusts the white balance and exposure to produce well-lit videos and photos.

"Augmented reality for trying on beauty products has evolved from a nice utility to a transformative technology that defines the brand-consumer relationship and becomes a significant driver of sales and engagement,” ModiFace founder and CEO Parham Aarabi said. “We are extremely delighted by this first step in the partnership with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and look forward to all the exciting advancements that we will jointly work together on in the coming months and years.”

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