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Brush Buddies looks to transform the toothbrush aisle


LOS ANGELES — Brush Buddies, a provider of entertaining and educational oral care products, is looking to revolutionize the toothbrush aisle with the launch of its 90 Day Brush, a manual toothbrush that alerts brushers that it's time to replace old, worn out toothbrushes.

According to the American Dental Association, the average user changes their toothbrush every eight to nine months, instead of the dentist recommended three months. By replacing a toothbrush every 90 days, this helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria that causes bad breath, tooth decay and even gum disease. 

"Most people do not know that they should be changing their toothbrush every 90 days nor do they recall how long they've been using their current toothbrush," stated Anish Patel, CEO of Brush Buddies.  "In order to scrub away plaque properly, a new toothbrush is imperative as the bristles become frayed on an old brush and therefore loose its effectiveness. That is why we developed the 90 Day Brush, to remind brushers that it's time to invest in a new brush."

The Brush Buddies 90 Day Brush has a built in LCD screen on the handle that shows users daily dental tips for the first 90 days.  After the 90 days are up, the brush will display fun daily messages such as "Ewww this brush is gross" and "Change your brush already" to continually remind you it's time to get rid of that old brush.


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